Saturday, September 26, 2009

Genesis of Choice Metal.

With some of the details I'm working out, I figured I'd start off with a fresh Blog page. This will be the area to which I'll apply my efforts to the direction I've chosen...

So for everyone, Choice Metal will now be:

Choice Metal X.

Choice Metal X also has a Twitter Page Located here:


And for those whom have read through this Blog, the other is the same set up Format wise... As for how I will do the content, it is explained within the New Blogs Initial Post.

Hope to hear Feed-Back from you, and to a bright future! Cheers.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eden Exile.

Deciding to offer a post staying true to what is currently posted, this will be a continuation until the change is implemented.

Going to the British Goth Metal foundations, takes lead to one band named 'Paradise Lost'. They have been known to be the pioneers of the Goth Metal genre. And from their discography, they can certainly back that up.

They started off as so many currently, with the first 3 albums being Goth/Death Metal. Consisting of grunt vocals and heavy guitar's. Albums under this are dubbed 'Lost Paradise', 'Gothic' and 'Shades of God'. But during their 4th album, 'Icon', they took more of a Goth/Metal approach which further expanded on their sound. And this is the form they have remained with since. Granted, some albums are more heavy than others, but the general sound is consistent. The albums released for this is 'Icon', 'Draconian Times', 'One Second', 'Host', 'Believe in Nothing', 'Symbol of Life', self Titled 'Paradise Lost' and 'In Requiem'.

Judging from the album listings, they have done rather well for themselves. So their sound must have some kick. They have been around long enough, pioneered a specific genre and have excelled within it. You could say that Paradise Lost has been some form of inspiration for a majority of the European Goth/Metal Bands.

So check them out: Paradise Lost

Their Website (contains MP3 Samples of all current material): ParadiseLost

And as of late, the band is interested in producing a Limited Edition book. Based on their material, band history, photos and etc. however, they don't know if fans will actually appreciate the product. So they launched a website to gauge who and how many would like it. If you like the band and wish to know more of them, help them out.

"No Celebration" Limited Edition Paradise Lost Book.

Well, returning to silence. So till next time.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lack of Faith.

Haven't died yet. Just taking some time to plan a few changes. And working with some band representatives to get some material for download. As I stated in my last post. Haven't given up yet. Only a waiting game for a few. So going good thus far.

Will have some updates very soon. Stay tuned, the big change will be rewriting of the posts. It will not only include a review, synopsis and material... It will be a full post and not a small hook type post.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Second Take.


My apologies for not keeping up with suit of how I started with this. I have been slightly focusing on obtaining Band permissions for hosting a few tracks of select material. So stay tuned. I may get granted for some cool stuff soon.

And to start some things off, I obtained permission from Kory Clarke Representative to link to his personal Tune Widget:


It is a good start. And a special Thank You to Jayni for granting use of this link.

And Kory's Ghetto Nation has been 'Digg' posted.

Check out the link: Kory Clarke: Ghetto Nation.

Secondly, my efforts will be cut slightly. I may be updating every few days with a new Band and material.

And for the future, I may be re-writing my mini-review/bio's of bands to make them more informational. And will be categorizing the Band Player Links (to the right) into a more organized fashion.

So lot's of good stuff coming. Keep watch.

Till next time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gold Rush.

There was a small band type project after the disbanding of the band 'Toxsin'. The Guitarist, Klaus, formed the little known band named "Project - Goldrausch". Translated to be "GoldRush Project".

Being of a similar sound to that of Toxsin, Electronics/Metal type, they didn't really stand out. They only produced 1 album. An E.P. dubbed "Sorgenkind".

This didn't last past the E.P. and Klaus went on to form the Band named "Guitarminator". Mostly composed of electronic instruments.

But since the Gouldrausch album is extremely difficult to find, there is only 1 site available to listen to 2 tracks from their album. So bear with it, if you are interested.

Project - Goldrausch

They don't have a band sound, but they could have refined more had they stayed together.

On another note, Klaus formed the band named "Cold Rush' after the demise of Goldrausch. Containing slightly more Electronics, but within the same style type. Give them a listen.

Check them out: Cold Rush.

Till next time.